Change the way money affects your life with horses 

and say goodbye to the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety around your finances with this 30 day life changing intensive, kicking off with a two-day live virtual workshop October 22nd & 23rd

Is money stress taking the joy out of horses?

You're not alone. It's the thing nobody likes to talk about, but so many of us feel: the financial pressure, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that comes with having horses in our lives.

Whether you're an amateur or professional, whether you compete or ride for pleasure, and no matter what discipline you ride – the equestrian world is expensive. Compared to other sports, hobbies, and passions, horses take a huge emotional, mental, physical, and yes - financial - commitment.

If the never-ending vet bills, the outrageous show fees, the board and training costs (that can be as much as rent), and the pressure of keeping up with equestrian culture is taking the joy out of riding, making you feel disheartened, keeping you from your goals, or just plain stressing you out...

This transformational, results-driven workshop is for you.


What exactly is Horses and Money: The Workshop?

It's an exclusive 30 day workshop that will get you REAL, life changing results, kicking off with a live, interactive digital event (but don't worry, if you can't attend live, you're still going to get HUGE results).

  • Two deep, honest round table panel discussions with top experts and pillars in the horse world, including Olympian Margie-Goldstein Engle, motivational speaker Courtenay DeHoff, and mental skills coach Tonya Johnston.

  • Two one hour long interactive keynote seminars with globally recognized finance and money mindset expert, Selina Gray.

  • 30 day access to the video replays from the live workshop to watch again and again

  • Downloadable audio recordings from the live workshop that you can listen to from the barn, the car, or the horse show

  • 30 day access to the in-depth, ultra practical and results-driven self-paced course, Equestrian Finance 101 taught by licensed bookkeeper Christa Myers

  • Lifetime access to the 30 Day Roadmap to Money Management for Equestrians with daily action steps to get your finances organized and optimized

  • 30 day access to the exclusive community group where you'll have accountability and peer-to-peer support during your journey


Worried that you missed Day 1 of the live weekend workshop? Don't worry – the live workshops are recorded and both video and audio replays are available! You can still tune into Day 2 live, or you can access the replays from both days plus the full 30 day experience!


In this transformational online workshop, you'll learn...
  • How to shift the way you think about money so that your money can work for you and you can feel closer to your goals in and out of the saddle
  • A roadmap to organizing, optimizing, managing, and automating your finances so that you are always prepared, feel empowered, and are maximizing every dollar
  • How to cultivate confidence with intentional spending, learning practical ways to alleviate shame and guilt around how you choose to spend 

  • The psychological reasons that money is so stressful in the horse world, and why you can’t just ‘willpower’ your way to feeling more confident, secure, and less stressed when it comes to your finances
  • Why equestrians are uniquely programmed and conditioned to feel stress, shame, guilt (and let’s face it - sometimes downright panic) around money and finances
  • How your energetic, emotional, and mental approach to money can affect your riding, your performance in competitions, and your relationship with your horse
  • How to begin to reprogram and reset your money mindset so you can feel less stress, less shame, more confidence, and more empowerment when it comes to finances and your life with horses

Horses and Money: The Workshop is created by horse people, for horse people. We understand that generic one-size-fits-all financial advice and money mindset tips just don't work in the horse world. That's why we've created an immersive workshop that addresses the mental, emotional, and practical sides of money – exclusively for the equestrian community.

If you're ready to feel confidence around your finances,



It's time to change the narrative: we're making money talk in the horse world less taboo and more mainstream, because it matters.

We're going to get very real and address the realities when it comes to money and equestrians: the stress, pressure, cultural expectations, limitations, barriers, shame, and guilt. We're going to go there. But... you're also going to leave with the tangible, actionable tools and techniques you need to reprogram your beliefs around money for good, manage your equestrian finances like a pro, and make your money work for you.

You'll leave feeling seen, connected, empowered, relieved, and like you have a clear roadmap of how to take control of your finances and focus on what really matters (your horses, of course).

You'll have a daily action plan, an in-depth self-paced guide to budgeting, quickbooks, accounting, and goal setting, a completely reprogrammed money mindset, and a community you can lean on for direct support and accountability so you can get real, major, actual results you can feel and measure.

Here's what to expect after Horses and Money: The Workshop

Shame and guilt over spending SO much money on horses instead of on smarter or more socially acceptable things like savings, investments, family vacations, etc. (We know you probably haven't seen a doctor in two years, but your horse is getting regular bodywork)
Confidence in your intentional spending and a sense of empowerment around having organized, optimized finances and a healthy mindset around money that allow you to spend money on what brings you joy and passion (with zero guilt)

Feeling constant pressure that makes riding stressful and emotional. From pressure to make shows "worth it" because you're spending so much to be there, to pressure to keep up with "everyone else," you're carrying around a lot of emotional baggage when it comes to money.
The ability to focus on your riding goals, your relationship with your horse, and your enjoyment of your sport because you're able to separate your financial programming from your equestrian life and your performance as a rider.

Feeling stuck and unable to progress because you just can't afford the right horses, the horse shows, the training, etc.
Having a clear game plan of how to work towards more financial freedom, a budget that is able to be maximized and prioritized to align with what you really want, and a mindset that lets you confidently focus on growth and financial freedom.
So, how does this work?

Horses and Money: The Workshop is 30 day transformational, intensive workshop that kicks off with a two-day live, interactive digital event presented by NOËLLE FLOYD and On Course Equestrian that you can tune into from your house or the barn (anywhere you have internet access) – we've created the schedule to work with the lives of busy equestrians while giving you the most bang for your buck.

If you can't attend live, never fear: everything is recorded and available in both audio and video form for 30 days (plus you'll have access to the Equestrian Finance 101 course and 30 Day Roadmap to Money Management)

Here's the schedule for the kickoff event…



  • 8a PT / 11a ET - Welcome from Caroline Culbertson, host of the Equestrian Voices podcast
  • 8:15a PT / 11:15a ET - Round table discussion on Guilt, Shame, and Stress: The Equestrian Money Problem, hosted by Erin Lane and Alle Justyn of On Course Equestrian. Featuring expert panelists: Margie Goldstein-Engle, Courtenay de Hoff, Megan Cameron Muscarella, Tonya Johnston, and Paige Jardine.
  • 9:30a PT / 12:30p ET - Break for coffee, matcha, mimosas (no judgment), or horse snuggles
  • 10a PT / 1p ET - Keynote: Healing the Equestrian Money Wound & Breaking Past the Bulls**t with Selina Gray



  • 8a PT / 11a ET - Welcome from Caroline Culbertson, host of the Equestrian Voices podcast
  • 8:15a PT / 11:15a ET - Round table discussion on Making it Work: Defining Your Own Identity as an Equestrian, hosted by Erin Lane and Alle Justyn of On Course Equestrian. Featuring expert panelists: Brianna Noble, Christa Myers, Bethany Unwin, Emily Urban, and Marie Wold.
  • 9:30a PT / 12:30p ET - Break for coffee, matcha, mimosas (no judgment), or horse snuggles
  • 10a PT / 1p ET - Keynote: Intentional Spending, Aligning Financial Priorities, and Taking Back Your Power with Selina Gray

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more sacrificing joy.

Ready to change your relationship with money?

If you're ready to go from being stressed and overwhelmed over money to being empowered and able to focus on what you love...

This exclusive workshop will be a game changer.


In addition to the two-day interactive live digital event, you'll also get...

  • 30-day access to the in-depth, self-paced Equestrian Finance 101 course that's all about practical, tangible strategies for financial wellbeing, bookkeeping, Quickbooks, budgeting, taxes, goal setting, and so much more.
  • A 30-day step-by-step daily action guide to getting your finances organized and strategized from On Course Equestrian and The Equestrian Bookkeeper, Christa Myers.
  • 30-day access to the private workshop community, created for workshop members only, where you can get peer-to-peer support, learn from your community, have accountability, and even submit questions to be answered by the NOËLLE FLOYD and On Course teams and guest experts.
  • 30-day access to the video replays from the live weekend workshop.
  • Lifetime access to the downloadable audio recordings from the live weekend workshop.
You get the two-day workshop, PLUS an entire finance course (and more... really)
The Equestrian Finance 101 Course & 30-Day Roadmap

After the weekend workshop, you'll be ready to take action. That's where the self-paced digital course & daily action guide come in!

With a completely reprogrammed money mindset, a healed relationship to money, and a new understanding of how to approach your finances, you'll be in the best possible jumping-off point to start taking the practical steps towards true financial freedom.

In the Equestrian Finance 101 course you're going to learn:

  • How to set financial goals that are actually achievable and how to create an action plan to turn goals into reality 
  • How to monetize and maximize your money and make it work for you
  • How to budget in a way that actually works and isn't stressful... and sets money aside for shows, vet bills, and all the horse expenses you need to cover
  • How to set up and use Quickbooks
  • How to track, analyze, and understand your finances
  • How to automate nearly everything in your financial life
  • How to navigate taxes, write offs, and tax season as an equestrian

You'll also get a clear, easy to follow daily guide with the downloadable & printable 30-Day Roadmap to Money Management for Equestrians, which will give you daily prompts, tips, and specific action items so you know exactly what to do every single day.

By the end of 30 days, you're entire financial life will be transformed in a big way.

More than just inspiration, we've built implementation into the workshop so you'll experience real results...

Keynote speaker Selina Gray is a globally recognized money mindset expert and a licensed CPA. Through her teachings, you'll reprogram your money mindset and leave with practical tools that will change the way you approach, manage, and think about money.


Sometimes we leave conferences and webinars feeling super jazzed, but then have no idea what to actually do. Not the case here - you'll get a 30-Day Roadmap to Money Management from The Equestrian Bookkeeper, Christa Myers, included with the workshop, plus exclusive 30-day access to the Equestrian Finance 101 course.


You'll learn from the incredible panelists in our two round table discussions, feel seen and connected, have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialogue, plus get a full month of peer-to-peer support and accountability through the private Horses and Money: The Workshop community group.


In addition to the downloadable 30-Day Roadmap to Money Management, you'll also get a self-assessment that you can use to gauge your money mindset every quarter, free budgeting templates, goal setting worksheets, and more.

Space is limited.
  • Save $105 by paying in full
  • Guaranteed access (total space is limited)
  • This investment will pay itself off 10x. Seriously.
  • Costs less than a weekend clinic and definitely less than a horse show bill, but actually helps you make money and feel less stressed so you can do more horse stuff with more freedom.
  • Need to make payments? No problem! We get it.
  • Break up your investment into six automated payments of $67
  • It's a no brainer... this is the cheapest horse bill you'll get each month, plus it'll pay itself off in value before you ever get to the final payment!
Payment Plan
Payment Plan

Meet Selina Gray.


Selina is here to help you change the way you think and feel about money, for good.

As a leading Financial Empowerment Coach, licensed CPA, and globally recognized financial speaker, she's the real deal. Selina has worked with thousands of people, from entrepreneurs and small business owners to Fortune 500 leadership, to help transform the way we approach finances.

She balances mindset work and emotional reprogramming with a practical, actionable approach so equestrians will feel supported and empowered in a holistic way that actually gets results.

Working with Selina usually requires a five-figure investment, so we're insanely excited to offer her expertise to the equestrian community at a fraction of the price.

Selina has been featured on The Mark Groves Podcast, The Everyday Legends Podcast, CTV, The Babelist, Brightside, and more.

Meet your expert panelists.

We're bringing advice, inspiration, connection, and practical tips from the top names in the equestrian space through our round table discussions. You'll also be able to submit questions in this interactive, immersive experience.

Erin Lane, host - Erin is an equestrian influencer, up and coming professional show jumper, and co-founder of On Course Equestrian. Erin has built her personal brand on vulnerability, openness, and genuine connection.

Alle Justyn, host - Alle Justyn is an equestrian influencer, amateur hunter/jumper rider, and co-founder of On Course Equestrian. Alle believes in sharing her experiences to uplift her community.

Courtenay DeHoff - Courtenay is a leading motivational speaker, podcast host, tv personality, and western lifestyle influencer. She specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs and shifting narratives in the western world.

Margie Goldstein-Engle - Margie Engle is a household name and one of the top female show jumping athletes of all time. Margie has racked up six World Cup victories and has been on 20 winning Nations Cup teams. She has worked her way up in the equestrian space and does not come from an equestrian family.

Paige Jardine - Paige is an up and coming 5* level grand prix level show jumper, co-owner of Guardian Stables alongside partner Nicky Galligan, and recently gained notoriety for her frank discussion on choosing between horsemanship and business on the Equestrian Voices Podcast.

 Tonya Johnston - Tonya is a leading mental skills coach for equestrian athletes, a top performing Equestrian Masterclass instructor, and holds a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology. She is also a competitive amateur hunter/jumper rider who understands the ups and downs of the sport first-hand.


Christa Myers - dubbed "The Equestrian Bookkeeper," Christa is a licensed bookkeeper who specializes in working with equestrian businesses to maximize profit and financial freedom. She is also an On Course Equestrian instructor and founder of Equestrian Entrepreneur, a platform dedicated to empowering equestrians in their financial lives.

Megan Cameron Muscarella - small business owner and amateur hunter/jumper rider, Megan is no stranger to how finances can affect all aspects of equestrian life. Megan owns and operates Solid Citizen Equestrian, still works as a full time fit model in Los Angeles, and is dedicated to pursuing her big goals in the saddle. 

Brianna Noble - Brianna Noble is a prominent western influencer, founder of The Urban Cowgirl Ranch Foundation, and owner of Urban Cowgirl Ranch Fodder. Brianna is dedicated to making a positive impact on the urban community through horses, and pioneering sustainability in livestock and agriculture.

Emily Urban - Emily Urban is a professional three day eventing rider, trainer, and coach, as well as the founder of Rising Equestrian Pro: an educational platform dedicated to helping young equine professionals set up, manage, navigate, and maximize their business. 

Bethany Unwin - Bethany is the owner and founder of Riviera Equestrian, a former professional equine photographer, and trainer at her hunter/jumper program in San Diego, CA. Bethany has walked the walk, balancing small business ownership and carving her own space in the horse world.

Marie Wold - Marie is a leading business and social media coach and has created a 7-figure business from the ground up that allows her to fund her passion for horses. She is a competitive amateur show jumper and is deeply passionate about helping the equestrian community through business, mindset, and marketing coaching.

Is Horses and Money: The Workshop right for you?

  • You're constantly stressed about money when it comes to horses
  • You put pressure on yourself to ride well at shows to make the investment "worth it"
  • You're living paycheck to paycheck because of your horse expenses
  • You don't feel like you belong financially in equestrian culture
  • You're frustrated with money being the thing keeping you from your riding goals
  • You feel shame or guilt around spending so much money on your life with horses
  • Unexpected vet bills send you into a panic
  • You've cried over a horse show bill
  • You wish you had better tools and techniques when it comes to managing and optimizing your finances
  • You're worried about the upcoming recession and want to be better prepared
  • You want to create real financial freedom & pursue your horse dreams
If any of these sound like you, this 30-day transformational workshop is exactly where you need to be.

Whether you're trying to build a business in the horse world or you're an amateur rider trying to make ends meet, Horses and Money: The Workshop is going to change your financial game in big, big ways.